Online Resources for Java Programmers

The Web offers many resources to help you use the Java platform. This section lists some that we use ourselves, or that we've heard good things about.

Caveat: A Web site that's good one year might stagnate the next, and it can be difficult to tell unless you know the site well. Please tell us if any of these Web sites is obsolete, or if you have a URL for an excellent resource not mentioned here.

We list three kinds of resources:

General Programming Resources
Web sites that provide information useful to most developers.
Specialized Programming Resources
Sources of more specialized programming information. Examples include assorted tutorials, The Swing Connection, and a Web site for Macintosh programmers.
Other Resources
Other stuff, such as the latest industry news. Don't forget that the Tutorial has many examples, and that you can search(outside of the tutorial) the Tutorial. Another source of resources is the Additional Resources(outside of the tutorial) page on

General Programming Resources

The Java Developer ConnectionSM of the tutorial)

Essential. Here are some of the things you can do at the JDC:

  • research bugs
  • vote for which bugs should be fixed first
  • view tutorials and book samples
  • download early access software
  • chat with developers and API architects
Code Conventions of the tutorial)
Conventions that developers within Sun try to follow when writing Java programs. Focus on Java of the tutorial)
Has links to many resources.
JavaWorld Magazine of the tutorial)
Has articles about current programming topics.
Java Boutique of the tutorial)
Bills itself as "The Ultimate Java Applet Resource." Provides applets (some including source code) and some articles.
Java Developer's Journal of the tutorial)
An online subset of a print magazine. Includes source code and selected articles.

Specialized Programming Resources

Java 3DTM API Tutorial of the tutorial)
Has descriptions and examples of the most commonly used features in the Java 3D API.

Working with XML: The JavaTM XML Tutorial of the tutorial)

Introduces XML and tells you how to use the Java XML APIs.

The JNDI Tutorial of the tutorial)

Tells you how to use the JavaTM Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) for associating names and attributes with objects.

JDC Tutorials of the tutorial)

Has many tutorials, covering a wealth of topics. Subject include JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, JDBC, and Java 2D.

The Swing Connection of the tutorial)

The Swing engineering team's Web site. Has articles written both by Swing creators and by external programmers who use Swing.

The Swing/JFC FAQ of the tutorial)

Unofficial answers to frequently asked questions about Swing.

MacJava of the tutorial)

A resource for programmers who use Macs.

Non-Programming Resources of the tutorial)
Gives news about the Java platform. You can sign up for a daily e-mailed list of the latest headlines.