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This page includes Bruce Barnett's tutorials on UNIX shell programming and various other arcane subjects.

Most of these tutorials were written form 1989 - to 1995 for The Sun Observor. The tutorials may still refer to information as "last month" and next month." The tutorials were planned to be put into a book, but Carpal Tunnel Syndrome make the book difficult to finish in the time frame the editor wanted.

These tutorials are Solaris-specific, and contained a lot of references to OpenWindows. Times have changed, but I hope the basic information will still be helpful.

These tutorials are written in TROFF. Converting them into HTML is not a perfect process. There are errors. The tables are ugly, and the indentation inside the shell scripts gets messed up. So I've made the scripts available in source format as well. However, the convertion between HTML, TROFF and plain text is not perfect, so there may be typos in the files and tutorials. In addition, the convertion is an on-coing process, and as I improve the conversion process, the tutorials may look better.

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All of the tutorials in this directory are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. You can link to it, and print out personal copies of the tutorials, but you cannot re-distributed them to others without permission from me. Thanks!