Fifth annual
SoftLab Programming Language Seminar
December 28, 2007
National Technical University of Athens, Software Engineering Laboratory


The Programming Language Seminar is an annual scientific meeting, organized by the Software Engineering laboratory (SoftLab) typically during Christmas holidays. It is an opportunity for the members of SoftLab's programming language research team to get together with previous members, most of whom are today in universities abroad, and also with scientists from other research teams.

The seminar's program consists of presentations made by the attendees and discussion. The style of the presentations is strictly informal and the language is greek or english.

The seminar is open to researchers from Greece, as well as from other countries, who work on programming languages. If you would like to be informed by e-mail about next year's seminar and/or give a presentation, please .


Date and time: Friday, December 28, 2007. From 13:00 to (roughly) 19:00. Dinner will be arranged afterwards.

Place: Multimedia Amphitheater, Central Library of NTUA, Polytechnioupoli Zografou.


This year's seminar was sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Computer Society Chapter, Greece Section.


Kostis Sagonas, Nikos Papaspyrou